Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome to your Nightmare----PM the Wannabe PM. Sow Extrodinaire (JMHO)

        Retro 101........... & that's what this thing would like to do ,set Quebec back 30 or 40 years. This lunatic would like nothing better than to strip away the forward motion of  Montreal & most of Quebec,......of course the new found wealth & relative calm on the political front has come from a time of real-estate booms & investment from sources that were long avoiding the Unstable Political situation that was Quebec....and now the sow,wants to return to upheaval of unrealistic ,unbalanced limits on language rights,.....


Pauline I think that ship has sailed, & I would hope your just blowing smoke up everyone's arse like usual...... People who own anything in Labelle Province would be well advised to keep an eye on this Nut(or your present day wealth ,will be diminished ,once again compliments of the lunatic fringe ),.she & her husband ,stole local property & have no regard for laws whatsoever over property, checkout her history on her own semi-fiefdom she's built .......Lookout Quebec, this nut wants to be La Reine du Quebec,...    

BEAUPRE - A Parti Québécois government would extend Bill 101 rules from CÉGEPs to daycares, to ensure newcomers to the province learn French.

And Bill 101, which now only allows the children of people educated in English in Canada to attend publicly-funded English schools, would be extended to private English schools as well, barring francophones and allophones children whose parents have the means from attending private English schools.

The changes are part of policy proposal by the PQ executive, in preparation for the PQ’s April 2011 convention.

The executive proposes that a new PQ government call itself “a sovereignist government” even before calling a new referendum.

It proposes renewing Bill 101, the Charter of the French language, “to remedy the damage caused by several Supreme Court of Canada judgments.”

But it also reaffirms “the preservation of the linguistic rights of the anglophone community.”

And it calls for students in French CÉGEPs, or junior colleges, to study one year in English, and for students in English CÉGEPs to study one year in French.

As well, as a sovereignist government, within Canada’s federal system, Quebec would ask Ottawa to transfer full powers to Quebec in immigration, the environment and health.

A PQ government would seek powers of water and rail transport, which now are federal, and would ask for control of Employment Insurance funds and business development.

Companies developing oil and gas deposits in the province would have to give a share of their companies to the Quebec government, which would also take control of the wind energy sector.

For Montreal, the PQ agenda calls for consolidating the “international vocation” of the city, supporting its role as an international financial centre, completing a rail link to Dorval airport and building family housing units to attract people back to the Island of Montreal.

Earlier, Pauline Marois, the current Parti Québécois leader, replied to Jacques Parizeau, the PQ leader at the time of the 1995 Quebec referendum, saying she would use “all legal and political means” to make Quebec a separate country.

Parizeau said in an interview published in the Globe and Mail Saturday that the PQ “must define an objective and how to get there.”

Addressing a PQ meeting, where the presidents of PQ riding associations and elected members assembled to discuss the policy proposal, Marois led the party faithful in a chant of, “On veut un pays!” (We want a country.)

“We are sovereignists,” Marois said, explaining that once the PQ is back in power it will seek additional powers from Ottawa, including authorization to collect federal taxes as well as Quebec income taxes.

“We will neglect nothing,” she said. But Marois skirted the issue of when a new referendum would be called, saying she doesn’t want to get into the mechanics of achieving sovereignty.

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              What an absolute NUT..........................(Ok I didn't mean to sugarcoat it ,..I don't like her)........hahahahhaa      Remember we 'get ' the Govt' we deserve,.


   Yea Baby , there's the genius you need running the show,.....Against Everything & stand for nothing......Good Luck mes amis dans LaBelle Province,...


john allison said...

Just makes me feel better and better every passing day...that I left keybec and the arshole KEYBEC politicians there to drown in their own swill....

Les F said...

Swill , you say,.....I guess that goes with the constant 'feeding' from the 'Public Trough' ..hahahaha

Les F said...

and here is more from the lunatic fringe:
MONTREAL - On the 20th anniversary of the death of the Meech Lake Accord and the 15th anniversary of a vote against separation in the last referendum, sovereignists from 10 communities around the province participated in simultaneous marches on Sunday for an independent Quebec.

There were gatherings in Amos, Chicoutimi, Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec City, St. Jerome, Sept-Îles, Sherbrooke, Terrebonne and Victoriaville.

The march in Montreal finished up in Lafontaine Park with speeches from among others, the group Québec solidaire.

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...........................................................My guess would be most of these clowns don't own anything & have nothing to lose..... I wouldn't doubt upon further investigation ,you find most are collecting some sort of assistance.....