Sunday, June 6, 2010

Think You Missed Something ?

                  Recent Updates then the three box's

1: friends of friends    2:Groups    3rd: Only Unread

            The 3 boxes above ,always show at the top of your 'Inbox'  If you click on the 3rd box that reads 'Only Unread' then it will highlite all of the messages you have not read yet: 

          Also I usually suggest from time totime ,to checkout all the different stuff available to you all. Like the Video's ,.the Photograph Albums. the Message Boards (which can be searched right back to the beginning including posts from the old MSN site,.......Take your time & explore all the features both here n the Verdun Connections site, as well as the things available to you on your own individual Multiply sites too.

   There are a lot of things here , that we take for granted & so re-experiencing them is sometimes fun,& just may spark some old memory's again.You never know what old treaures you will find.......................

  .................Have Fun & Remember Verdun........................


Mary N said...

I'd like to receive the messages directly to my inbox at is that possible? I find it hard to navigate going into hotmail then finding an old email and clicking on it to find this site then reading online.

Les F said...

hi Mary I accidentally answered this question of yours in the other thread,here was my response to you
edit delete replylesf wrote today at 8:15 AM
marynews1 said
You can also buy them at the Vermont Country Store south of Burlington. Great place with lots of products you can no longer buy anywhere else such as Evening in Paris perfume and all sorts of old candy. You can order online too.
Hi Mary , I just posted a message for you on your site re: how to change some stuff....
here's the link directly to your site , to speed things up for you.
Just walk thorugh it slwoly & you can change things to your own preferances.....
Cheers ! HF&RV