Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Verdun Historical and Genealogical Society (VHGS - SHGV)

When I am on duty at the SHGV (VHGS - SHGV), I always look for articles or photos that may interest VC members. I came upon this leaflet yesterday entitled OUR YESTERYEARS wich describres the implication of the society in promoting the history of Verdun. I previously posted this article on the old VC site but I thought I would post it again. Most of the old photos and articles that I post are from our archives. As is mentioned in the article, the society was founded in 1994 and the Verdunite, author and professor Serge Durflinger was one of the founding members and was probably the translator of this article. Many of the information he got when writing his book on Verdun were from our archives including the Guardian wich is a gold mine of information on Verdun.




Les F said...

Yes Guy I consider you to be lucky to be able to access old archival stuff. I would love to visit the SHGV, .......I would imagine it would be easy to spend several hours at least checking out old papers etc etc ..... -HF&RV-

john allison said...

For sure. Happy Father's Day.

Sherry Hummell said...

What interesting bits of info! Thanks - need to search for stuff like that for The Point too!

Les F said...

The point has a great site, too run by George MCCrae & plenty of Point info & history avaialble through their many pages..We have the link listed here under Our 'Links' section too.
We also have posted many stories & info on Griffintown/Goose Village/ the Point....throughout our many pages too./. It's too bad this Multiply didn't have a more direct 'search' to locate stuff posted over the years. However if you look also on our Front Page ,I added the 'naigation' window so you can select a 'tag' look up any of the topics & then you can peruse our older stuff too.GoodLuck ----------HF&RV-------

Sandra macDonald said...

I would love to have access to SHGV. Guy, do they carry all the old Montreal papers. What was the name of our local Verdun paper?

Guy Billard said...

We have the Guardian from 1930 to 1980.

Les F said...

When you enlarge the photo of 4th av & Lasalle blvd. Have a good look at just How large that river really is (and that's only this side of Nun's Island. Then look at how small that dyke/Boardwalk is , and that's all that stops the might St Lawrance from wiping out Verdun in a Flood...It looks like it could do some serious damage,more than any of the flood photo's we've seen over the years...Mind you Verdun & Montreal did have some serious floods in the past, & still to this day Isle Perot / Pincourt & other points on the west-island still can be damged with ice -jams & spring flooding.
Good story , Guy thanks again for sharing it here............................HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

Unfortunately this photo is undated but my guess is perhaps the beginning of the 50s wich is the period that us old timers nostagically remember it. There are so many undated photos in our archives (SHGV) that is why I make sure that my photos are dated with names and description. For instance, woudn't it be nice to know the names of those appearing on all those Nat photos.