Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Vintage ,Some Vanished

             Plenty of places in & around Montreal that most of you will remember I hope....includes shots from Fort Blunder (Montgomery) a place we went as teens to camp & have a party for the weekend ,maybe hit the Drive -in close by too..(the Saxony Lounge too of course)....anyway have a look at all the photos, you can try full screen but some of the pics may not have the pixels to be enlarged too much,but give it a try anyway,..most of the photographs I may have possted before or you may have seen before,but I thought I'd do my share to contribute to our collective memory's ..........hahahahah   HF&RV

 ps: the complete album will be in the first post.


Les F said...

Here is the complete album you can adjust the speed as to how fast the photographs go through te slide show, you can also pause on any photo ,for a better look, etc etc ....Full Screen and all that jazz.

Sit back have a coffee,and HF&RV

john allison said...

Great stuff Les. Just amazing... Thanks

Mary N said...

These are great shots. Thank you for sharing them.