Sunday, June 6, 2010

Iles-des-Soeurs 1899 Nun's Island photo

Here is another old 1899 photo of the Nun's Island nun's residence wich I have added to my album no. 36 and wich now totals 11 photos. Check it out.



Les F said...

Sorry I didn't go back as far as 1899 ,..but how's 1905, will that do ?. I had to wait for a body to show up to at least make the story interesting..........hahahahha
Here's the headline:
----------------------------------------------HF&RV Cheers !

Les F said...

How;s this an accidental shooting on Nuns Island........HF&RV

Les F said...

and how about thieving politicians ,spotting a potential profit deciding to steal Nuns Island from Verdun,well who knew that the thieves in power in the future timefram of the year 2000 or thereabouts would steal almost every city on the island ,....and the more crooked ones with no guts ,would just reamin borroughs of the new Montreal ( translation, they can rob you blind under the guise of better servives ,.......which will never materialize,..Oh yea then corruption will rear it's ugly head a little later (like last month for instance) where Borrough contracts are given happily to Crooks.....
Oh Well are we surprised ..........I dunn thin so Lucy !!! Imagine back in '55 they were plotting to scoop the island from Verdun