Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm lost.

I don't know if i have ever moved over to here from the orginal. verdun connection site and this one looks very difficult to move around it .but i'll try..


Les F said...

Hi pommy , it is a lot different from the other site & sometimes change isn't so easy. however give it a shot, it's fairly easy, when on the front page (opening page) just scroll through it,and you will see each option , & each window has in the bottom right hand side a choice of 'view all' or 'add to'
I do change the front page layout ,sometimes having the message boards at the top ,right now it's about 3 choices down past the members , then Photo Albums, then Message Boards etc etc
when in the Members list , you will see the choice at the bottom right side of the window to "view all members"
When in the Photo Albums window you have the choice to "Add Photos" or "View All"
In the Message Boards or Blog as they call it, the choices there are "Add to Blog" or "View All"
Under view all , you can then scroll through the many topics that have been posted right back to day 1, you can "reply" to whatever topic,the only difference from the old MSN site is that when you reply to anything ,the com-plete thread used to be bumped back to the top,with all the reply's . comment appearing at the top of the page, Now if you reply to something it will go to the top of your "In Box" ..... (that's something you can choose in your settings .)
also whenever you are reading any of the topics , you will see on your lefthand side of the message window, there are usually 3 dates , of the previous message etc etc .....
or you will see choice of "Next" or "Previous" allowing you to jump to either the next or previous message...
It sounds like a pain in the a$$ & guess what it "is" but once you start using it,it becomes second nature..... If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask, & I will try to help you ,Just play around with it & get to know it, & I'm sure with people like you trying ,we can resurect the participation again, I try to place something each day on the site to keep it alive..You will also see the 'history' of those who do read your message (regardless if they respond to it or not) that appears at the bottom of any mesages you have posted....(check the bottom of this page for example) and you will know who responded & who read it & how many.......Sorry for the longwinded note here, but just give it a shot, you will figure it out.......Good Luck HF&RV

pommy pomolive said...

going to "try"

Les F said...

Great, that's the start.................. Cheers & know that we will help you if we can........HF&RV