Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small Plane Crashes into Building in the GTA

.bad luck for this small plane.....reported only 26 minutes ago....


TORONTO — A small plane has crashed into a two-storey warehouse in Markham, Ont., according to York Regional Police.

The four-seat Cessna hit the building, just north of Toronto, at 8889 Woodbine Ave. just before 12:30 p.m., said Sgt. Gary Phillips.

Police know it was a small plane that crashed, Phillips said, but are still trying to determine how many people were inside. "We're still trying to confirm what the cause of the crash was," he said.

Television coverage show the remnants of the plane in flames on what appears to be the roof of the building. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles are on scene.

People are being evacuated from the warehouse because there is a concern about a fuel spill and a possible explosion, particularly given the hot temperatures Tuesday in southern Ontario, he said. "When you're dealing with aviation fuel, it's very volatile."

The warehouse is close to the Buttonville Airport, which operates one of the largest flight schools in Canada.

Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport is a multi-service general aviation airport. It is operated by Toronto Airways Limited.

It sounded "like a bomb had dropped" when the plane crashed said Carmelina Competiello, who works close to the building on Woodbine Ave.

"I screamed," Competiello said, who works at the Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre. "There is smoke everywhere."

Smoke is billowing out of the hotel and several fire trucks are on scene, she said.

"I'm shaking. It's so close by," she said. "It could have been us."

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