Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Willibrord Park


The top photo was taken on the 3rd of June 1938 of the Willibrord park from the Conrad Poirier collection. Notice the cannon on the left. I remember playing on that cannon around the same period or perhaps a couple of years later.

I thought I would show another photo taken from the opposite direction but also showing the cannon. This photo is undated but probably also taken in the 30s.

Of course there were no buildings on the park grounds at that time except perhaps for a chalet at mid point between Verdun and Bannantyne. Of course the new city hall is now on those grounds as well as a larger chalet behind it and with the new artificial ice skating rink wich will probably be operational in the fall.

Check out my albums on the Verdun parks for more photos.



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Diane Roberts said...

Guy, it would be interesting to know if Willibrord Park is the most mentioned in VC, compared to the other parks. I guess it just depends on where you lived in Verdun as every few streets were an enclave of there own. I really never ventured to any other park as Willibrord Park & skating rinks were like the "Centre of the Universe" to me...Diane