Thursday, April 22, 2010

So now it's called a 'New Vision Turcot Plan" ----sounds like political double speak

              So old Gerry Tremblay the present day Commander & Thief of Montreal, is bumping his gums about a 'new vision plan' for Turcot...........  what happened to the last 3 plans....all BS I guess ,till they bleed the city dry on cost of proposals...........hahahahah



Guy Billard said...

I like the idea of there being another lake at the Turcot overhaul. That's where there was the Petit Lac St Pierre also called Lac à la Loutre where indians used to fish and hunt otters as shown on the 1701 map. I wonder if I will live long enough to see this happen ? (Album No. 6)



Les F said...

Yes that would be a great green space if they could return it to nature.but I suspect that will not happen anytime soon,Because when there is money to be made by development,then I'm afraid things that would good for the people get pushed aside. What fantastic green area that would be,& imagine the views from Upper Lachine road looking out over a huge park like setting,a real escape from the city ,within the city...I doubt it happens. Cheers! HF&RV