Thursday, April 15, 2010

Old Photos from à Verdun Senior Citizen

Helen Ward is a Verdun Senior Citizen who is sharing her old Album photos with us. Here are 2 of those photos, The top one is undated but is probably from the late 20s or early thirties just before the upper section of the LaSalle Hydro dam was demolished (in the background).

The second photo was taken at the Verdun Model school around 1938. Helen is the second at the right.

I have also added these two photos in my photo albums, no. 7 and no. 38.

Helen is also a member of our society (SHGV) and we honored her by having an article on her biography in our society publication, Les Argoulets.

These photos enrich our archives for all future generations to consult.





Les F said...

Thank you Helen Ward for sharing these old photographs of yours,especially of the powerhouse in Lasalle.
Cheers, HF&RV

john allison said...

Those were the days. That is for sure!!!!!