Monday, April 19, 2010

Montage of Buildings in Verdun Beginning of 20th Century on a 1899 Map

I have made a montage of the buildings built in the beginning of the 20th century on a 1899 map from our archives (SHGV). I have listed below the 15 buildings and areas with a short description. It is surprising to know that Verdun had so many important buildings considering the small population at that time wich was approxmately 2000:

1- Aqueduc - Photo 1918, Conceived by Thomas C. Keefer, Engr in 1852, Construction 1854 to 1856

2- Wellington Tramway, Photo 1909, corner Wellington and Church, circuit: Wellington to Rielle, to Lower Lachine Rd (LaSalle) to Gordon, to Wellington, return east on Wellington.

3- First Police/Fire station - photo 1905, corner Church and Ethel, founded 1886

4- Police/Fire Station, photo 1910, corner Church annd Evelyn

5- Aqueduc, filtration plant, photo 1925, built 1923

6- Church/School Niotre Dame des Sept Douleurs, photo 1905, inaugurated 16 September 1900, in operation 1900 to 1905.

7- Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs church, basement construction October 1904 to November 18th 1905

8- Le Pavillon, construction 1725, foundation of Verdun in 1876. In 1838, 2 military officers had the last dual held in Canada near the Pavillon. Major Ward was killed par Cpt Robert Sweeney and hjis body was brought to the Pavillon.It was demolished in 1954 to be replaced by a car wash.

9- Verdun Model School, first school built in Verdun in 1895, enlarged in 1902 and between 1913 and 1922. Became Externat Classique Jean Jacques Olier. Now a McDonald's.

10- Queen's Park Club, date of construction unknown, corner LaSalle and Rielle, Chapel of the Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs parish, first mass th 17th September 1899.

11- Velodrome Queen's Park. The stadium contained up to 12,000 spectators, was situated app. betwwen Church (then called Pavillon), Bannantyne (then called Waverley), Willibrord (then called Willibrord), LaSalle (then called Lower Lachine Road), The international bicycle races called "Worlds Meet" were held there in August 1899.

12- Maison Nivard de Saint Dizier, photo 1930, 7244 LaSalle Blvd, foot of Lloyd George, construction 1710. Was completely renovated (cost 1.2m) and will become a museum to open this fall,

13- Saint Clement's Anglican church, photo 1910, construction 1900, originally called Belcher Memorial Church, now called Church of the Epiphany. Oldest church in Verdun.

14- LaSalle Power Dam, beginning of construction 1895, official inauguration 25 September 1897 par Queen Victoria by pressing a button at Windsor castle by Atlantic Cable.

15- Douglas Hospital, photo 1910, founded 1881.








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