Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dr Norman Bethune Statue

This is the Dr Norman Bethune statue situated at the corner of Guy and De Maisonneuve wich my confrere Gilles Lepage took recently. I had trouble locating it but Gilles finally succeeded.  With all the traffic in the area, it is difficult to find a parking spot. If members are not familiar with Dr Bethune's accomplishments, I suggest you get a copy from your local library to learn about this famous Canadian hero. I am sure you will be fascinated.

I have also included a short article in our (SHGV), "Les Argoulets" on the life of Dr Bethune wich I recently I wrote for our magazine. It is interesting to note that Dr Bethune held a clinic at the YMCA on Gordon in the 30s wich I mention in the article, thus my interest on the subject.