Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decarie Misery for Motorists Turcot Lane Closed


Les F said...

I can remember all too well the old traffic grief on the Decarie, & that was many decades ago. I can just imagine what it's like now. HF&RV

George Edwards said...

Forty-Three years of winter's cold and Spring's thawing,plus all the corrision done by whatever they dump on the roadway during winter has to have taken it's toll on this structure.Over the last two months I have had to drive my wife's brother-in-law to the Montreal Heart Institute at least four times. In each instance I have gotten stuck in the traffic congestion coming in from Ontario. When you see the condition of some of the cement pillars holding up the roadway it scares the crap out of you. It will take some deaths from collapsing roads / pillars before the buffoons in Montreal and Quebec get their act together.

Les F said...

Your right George, but I think the Quebec Govt is a little nervous ever since the collapse of the PieIX overpass or was that the Pont Viau ? I think 4 people were killed there. Oddly enough,I am sure that there is a contracted highway maintenance gang ,that should have been doing preventative maintenance all these years,but most likely they were being paid & not really doing anything.Perhaps this will (or is being used) to speed up the Turcot Project one way or the other.
George don't you live in Ontario,? Do you at least get to have a Smoked Meat while your in Montreal or some Steamie ... Cheers ! HF&RV

Les F said...

Here's the one I was thinking of:here's part of the story:
"I was wondering ... what is happening," he said. "As we went down with the bridge, my first words were to say 'Anne-Marie,' the name of my girlfriend. We went down, falling with the bridge. It was all dark."

The vehicle crashed into the debris below, landing on the passenger side window. The two crawled out a window, waiting for a few minutes in a police car for an ambulance to arrive and take them to the hospital.

Hotte suffered minor injuries and was released after X-rays. His girlfriend remained in the hospital in stable condition on Sunday with some internal bleeding, Hotte said.

It was the second serious overpass collapse in Laval in the last six years.

In 2000, a man died when a section of overpass that had been under construction for six months collapsed and eight 70-ton beams fell on the car he was riding in.

A coroner's report later concluded a construction company did not properly secure the concrete beams, and accused the province's construction industry of shoddy work and questionable corporate practices

For the whole story, here's the link,for anyone who wants to read it:,2933,216926,00.html

Les F said...

YIKES !! Have a Look At what could happen if the Quebec Roads aren't looked at & fixed right away.This site has photos of bridge collapses around the world.but first Imagine if this baby crumbles;

George Edwards said...

George don't you live in Ontario,? Do you at least get to have a Smoked Meat while your in Montreal

Hi Les'
I do indeed live in Ontario, about a two hour car drive from Montreal / Verdun. Each time I take my wife's brother-in-law to the Heart Institute we end up at a resturant called Paulos, on Sherbrooke St East to have a smoke meat platter. We usually end up buying a pound or two to bring back to our homes,as well.

Les F said...

Wow that's great living so close to Montreal ,that it's only a drive away... I Remember those days living in Montreal & being able to be in a city in any direction within a half days drive..
Can't do that here in the garden city,.it's a chore to get to the Ferry, then the Ferry ride to the mainland (albeit a scenic ride) and then from there to wherever leads up to a long day to get 100 miles from home.............hahahahha Now back to the Montreal visit's ,if your in Montreal & Remember 'Magnon's Tavern' they used to have great roast beef & steaks, However those days have passed, But : They do have a fantastic 'Pepper Sauce' you can buy as take out.......Try it (if you haven't yet) & I think you will enjoy it.............. HF&RV