Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bandstand under Construction

Here is another photo of the Bandstand under construction dated Sept. 27th 1938 from the Conrad Poirier Collection wich I have added to my Album no. 20 Collection.

Here is a group of youngsters watching a movie at the same Woodland Park on the 16th of August 1944 from the Conrad Poirier Collection. The movie was then projected on a screen on the Bandstand. I often saw movies there in the early 40s and our favorites were the cowboy movies of course.



Les F said...

I've posted a lot of these over the years,.....and here is another of the very beginnings of the build.

Les F said...

link to article in an old Montreal Gazette,re: the building of the bandstand ,including the names of all in the photo,looks like the Pav in the background too..... HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

Yes, I have that photo in my collection. Did you know that it was also a toilet wich I vaguely remember using, must be in the beginning of the 40s. I have a few other photos of the Woodland park wich I will also post. There are hundreds of these Verdun photos but of course I can't post them all. I will just select those that are representative of the era. I guess there aren't many left that are familiar with the Bandstand but it would be nice to hear from those that are and would like to share their memories.

robert jomphe said...

I remember around '62 '63 the civil defense exercises at the Pav . Those terrible sirens fireworks that whistled and exploded. people pretending to be victims The civil defense personnel all in uniform. I was only 16 and it staid with me. That sure put the fear in us of those bad Russians. Surely you older guys have images and memories of this?