Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Last Irishman


Reading your post on the Griffintown Horse Palace, reminded me of this article by Kristian Gravenor wich appeared in the 17th of November 2004  Montreal Mirror and wich I translated for our (SHGV) magazine in the automn of 2008. Unfortunately, I am missing the second page but if I can find it, I will post it as it shows at the end of the article the Lament of Griffintown. As we well know, it is difficult to translate poetry and have the same meaning but odly enough, it didn't turn out too bad. Just another nostalgic event from Montreal.

I may have posted this article previously.


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Ken McLaughlin said...

Leo has become a larger legend with the attention given to Griffintown in the last year or two. He was in one of the carts in the Griffintown Horse Palace contingent during the parade last Sunday. I think he is even in a youtube video if you search youtube using "Griffintown"

Ken McLaughlin