Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Party's Over 2010 (now the bill comes in)

However,the good news is,that Team Canada prevailed & Won Hockey Gold ( for this year at least)

I do have to admit, that although being a fan of North American Hockey ,it was very entertaining to see a Non -Fight filled competitive hockey game that required skill on the ice & not pugilistic skill... Don't get me wrong ,until someone wipes your face along the glass,or slams your skull twice for good measure along the boards, then you will never understand the need for a punch in the face,( retaliatory of course)
but highly skilled Skating , Passing, Shooting ,coupled with stellar goaltending were the staples of the Great Teams of the Past ( ala Montreal Canadiens) however they had to have their tough guys to fend off the likes of the broad street bully's of the day (Flyers, Bruins etc etc ) but in the end skill was best,even Montreal's tough guys,could score unlike today's brand of no minds who flagrantly hit people without fear of a come uppance...... perhaps we are headed for a day when Hockey will prevail.
In anycase enjoy the Team Canada song.....................

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