Friday, January 1, 2010

St Clement's Church

Thanks to the contribution of James Shepherd, Deputy Rector's Warden of the St Clement's Church, several photos, drawings and documents have turned up wich I am sharing with members of MVC. All these documents are useless unless they are viewed by as many interested parties as possible. Here are some of the new (0ld) photos and drawings from 1900 to 1930 that I am talking about:

These photos cover the different periods in its history and are now part of our archives (SHGV)

and will be part of Mario Parent's project of his study of the churches during Verdun's history. Some members of VC have no doubt been part of this church and are familiar with the interior  and 1 member has said that she was married there so keep those comments coming.

The history of St Clement's church is also posted on the Messager site as follows: 

 English: Section TOP STORIES, french section SOUVENIRS.


P.N. I have already posted other photos of the St Clement's church recently on this site.



Diane Roberts said...

Lovely photos & memories Guy. I was christened in St. Clements in 1944, married there in 1961 and our son was christened in the church. My daughter was christened in the Anglican church in Rosemount. Not sure of the minister's name, but it might have been Rev. Kettleborough?....Diane

Guy Billard said...

Nice to hear from you and to see that the St Clement's church has a special feeling to you. I was in touch with James Shepherd, Deputy Rector's Warden of the church who was very cooperative and anxious to promote his church, one of the oldest in Verdun. Keep your comments coming.