Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Renovated Maison St Dizier

This is the latest photo of the Maison St Dizier (Old Stone House) on LaSalle Boulevard. As I have reported recently, this historical house was built in 1710 and we celebrate it's 300th anniversary this year. The house was renovated at a cost of 1 and a quarter million dollars and is destined to be a museum. Our society (SHGV) has been closely involved in the promotion of this building and we continue to do so in the future.

Here is a list of the photos that appear in the calendar:

Interior of the Maison St Dizier

Altar on the Boardwalk (1944) celebrating "La Fête Dieu"

Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs church

House at 455 Beatty built in 1935 wich won a prise in 2009

Woodall Dancing Hall (CKVL) built in 1908 and demolished a couple of years ago

1910 photo of old ferry wich operated between Verdun and Laprairie.

1905 photo of the first firestation on Ethel st. near Church.

1925 photo of the Grand Trunk Boating Club

Model school 1920 ? photo of the Verdun Model School later the Jean Jacques Olier school.

1923 photo of the Verdun Motor Boating Club at the foot of Hickson, now Arthur Therrien Park

1907 photo of the Leblanc wharf

1920 photo of the corner of Church and Wellington looking north.

1899 photo of the Queen's Park club at the corner of LaSalle and Rielle.

The Maison St Dizier photo appears on the cover of our society's 2010 calendar and the sale will help promote the history of Verdun's historical past, including the information and photos that I post on this site. If anybody is interested in purchasing this excellant 300th anniversary souvenir calendar wich helps finance our society's activities, you may contact me at:


The calendar is in french but I will include an introductory letter in english.



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