Monday, January 25, 2010

No. 800 Atwater Street Monster

This is a page from the STM magazine showing the no. 800 Atwater Monster bus that circulated on Atwater from 1927 to 1934. It broke in 2 on the 11th of May 1934 and that was the end of the monster. I am still trying to find out where this happened. The monster was replaced by a more advanced model wich had no. 801 to 805. The enclosed chart shows the route it took at various times from 1926 to 1966. The Bus was built by the Versare Corp of Watervliet New York wich  closed down in 1931 due to tough economic times.

This new STM article gives us new information on the specifications of the Versare no. 800 bus. The bogies could be converted for use on rails but this turned out to be impractical since it was subject to many derailments.


Chart supplied by Jean Marie Hachey.

Click on photo to enlarge it.

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