Thursday, December 17, 2009

Montreal 'weather' you like him or not (lol)

Remember the only thing high tech about  the weather was that big piece of Chalk

    ....the old Percy Saltzman :


                 .Remember old Percy ...........................................................HF&RV


Les F said...

Percy was the only weather person we knew, & certainly the forerunner to today's weather channel ,where they think they are entertaining...Yikes..............


pauline garneau said...

Sometimes it was fun to watch him scribble all over the weather map. On a scale of 1 to 10 maybe an 8

john allison said...

always a ten!!!!!!!

Les F said...

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Welcome to Percy Saltzman's Official web site

Percy Philip Saltzman passed away, quietly in his sleep, in the early morning hours of Monday, January 15th, 2007.
He will be remembered by his loving family and his many, many fans.

Percy Saltzman was the first face on Canadian TV when on September 8, 1952, CBC TV inaugurated English language broadcasting in Canada.

Percy lasted 30 years (1952-1982) during which he surfed the airwaves with 9000 weather performances (6000 TV, 3000 radio) plus 1000 interviews.

During his career Percy Saltzman garnered the Order of Canada; a seat in the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame; and the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal and China's accolade as the world's first weather entertainer.

Percy conned the CBC into giving him the air in the first place. "Who wants to watch a talking head spouting weather? Or even doing News?", they said. Like Hollywood, nobody knew nothing about nothing.

Percy Saltzman started TV Weather in glorious black and white, with a thick piece of chalk, a blackboard map, glasses without glass, a motor mouth, and a farewell flip, all larded with ham and schmaltz.

Each night when Percy finished his frantic three-minute weather blast, the map and he were coated in a thick cloud of chalk dust. Instant chaos they called Percy Saltzman.

This web site is about Percy's amazing career as a broadcaster and a meteorologist hf&rv

David Flood said...

Originally he used regular chalk that kept breaking. ( I remember ythe smaller chalk). He then had someone make large thick chalk especially for him...

Ron Betchley said...

It was through Percy Saltzman that our family first heard of "Sputnik". The day that the first man made object was placed into Earth's orbit, Percy spent the better part of his weather program explaining to us how and why it was possible and he was beside himself with excitement. He could see how this was the start of a whole new method of weather prediction. I remember that night very very well.

Les_F said...

Percy Saltzman the weather man of our era. I am posting this rather obvious info,more or less as a test,since I have just transfered most of our posts from the Multiply Social Media Network which is ceasing it's support of blogs,photos,videos,etc etc (today's date October 2nd 2012)
I will continue to try & find a venue that permits us to share photos as for now I hope all our old friends come across this blogspot & join us again.... Cheers ! - LesF