Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Presbytarian Church

Here is a grand old photo of the First Presbytarian Church at 503 - 5th Avenue. I estimate the year of the photo to the beginning of the 30s judging by the shape of the auto. Can anybody identify the car and the year wich will give us an idea of the year of the photo, more or less.



Les F said...

Well I'm thinking it looks like an old Chrysler Airflow from the 30's ,.but because the trunk hinges are externally mounted it seems to be more like a late 30's Pontiac design ?? However Packards were big sellers in those days too...........hmmmmm I'll have to see if I can find an example of this model somewhere. good Question Guy,.....30's vintage of something isn't a far stretch I guess.just which one? that's the question..........HF&RV

Les F said...

I have it as 501 5th avenue,but I guess it's close enough:
Église First Presbyterian Church
Adresse : 501, 5e avenue H4G 2Z2
Municipalité : Verdun
MRC : Montréal (Ville)
Région administrative : région de Montréal (06)
Tradition religieuse
actuelle : Presbytérienne
Construction : 1926
Revêtement dominant façade principale : Brique
murs : Brique
toiture : Tôle

have fun & remember verdun

john allison said...

I was baptized at that church. This have the baptismal certificate Also the old section was where we had the Friday night, and Saturday movies. I was an usher there for a couple of years....Why not....Free admission.... And free is a very good price!!!!!

Les F said...

Ahh so this is the famous church that held the movies,Just a few weeks ago my brother told me of some of the movies he too saw there. I think one of them was an Elvis movie. hf&rv