Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doug Warnock 5th anniversary

Doug Warnock by all acounts was a reluctant hero or a modest hero,& very instrumental in saving a drowning woman & her daughter & her daughters friend ,from the frigid waters of the Saint Lawrence River in Verdun . It's the 5th anniversary of his passing.Here's the story of Doug's unselfish efforts to help save someone from drowning.You should be able to click on the article to enlarge it. or Zoom In on it.      The French article first appeared in the Messenger in January '95(and I think Guy ,posted a copy of it for us on the old VC)........Doug Was honoured also in Parliment. I am sure we posted this story in an English version many years ago on this Verdun Connections site, but I cannot seem to locate the story (yet) I did come across this one from the Messanger on the old hard drive. Hope it's legible enough.











....also here's is a tribute from today's Gazette .

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Douglas (Dougie) Warnock
WARNOCK, Douglas (Dougie) To a dear brother who left us five years ago today. No pen can write, No tongue can tell My sad and bitter loss, But God alone has helped so well To bear my heavy cross. I will miss you forever Doug, and so will everyone else that ever knew you. I love you, Sandy

   " Again Our Condolences to the Warnock family,from, all of Verdun Connections"



Les F said...

Here's a little more information on Doug Warnock,.with his being mentioned in Ottawa:

Mr. Raymond Lavigne (Verdun-Saint-Paul, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, we may be living in a selfish world, but a ray of hope shone over my riding of Verdun-Saint-Paul during the Christmas recess.
I refer to a local hero, Douglas Warnock, and I do not use the term lightly. On January 8, Mr. Warnock dove into the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River to haul a young mother and her daughter back to safety. When he got out of the water, he was told about another young girl, unconscious and floating downstream. He dove back in and brought her to shore.

Shivering and freezing, Mr. Warnock went back to the Verdun yacht club to warm up, leaving the victims to be cared for by others in the crowd that had gathered. Today, that mother, her daughter and her friend are alive thanks to this man's bravery.


I ask all Canadians to join me in thanking Mr. Warnock for giving us hope by demonstrating that there are still people who care enough for others.

above info found here:

Les F said...

I came across this photo of Doug & his Dad Gordy in happier times at an event put on by the IUEClocal89 ( Elevator trade) ,looks like their getting some sort of an award plaque ( I'm not sure for what,? maybe a tournament ??)

Have Fun & Remember Verdun

Guy Billard said...

That's my handwriting on top of the Messenger article "MESSAGER JANVIER 1995". I vaguely remember posting this article on the old VC site. I will dig into my files to find the article. I will also see about posting it in the "Messager" in the TOP STORIES where I have started to post these old articles in the english section as well as in the french section under SOUVENIRS at the following:


Les F said...

Thanks for reposting all those old postings from the Messenger here on this site Guy, it's much Appreciated & I hope that many more Verdun & Ex-Verdun people will see it, & want to visit the Verdun Connections site,....
I have seen a lot of the History of Verdun show up there( the Messenger ,as well as several other Montreal area blogs,sometimes accompanied by old photo's,we've had stored here on Verdun Connections, as well.)Very interesting,.I know it cannot be posted too often to share Verdun stuff .....Thanks to the internet we've been able to share many photo's & stories over the years..........& many others have shared the stories & photo's posted here on Verdun Connections. on other sites too !.................HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

I see now that this site shows pin-ups on top of the page. Is this VC doing or is it the Multiply people. Does it help finance VC ? What is your feeling about this and Maggie. I don't want to appear pudish but just asking.