Monday, November 30, 2009

It's that Time Again ,Winter Tire Time

I remember this time of year well, as I worked in a Texaco Station when I was younger & we'd have the last minute rush of those who had procrastinated until the first sign of the white stuff.....then we'd work until the wee hours of the morning putting snow tires on for them,& they'd be lined up waiting their turn all night.......and we'd make money in tips....Yahoo.........hahahahah   Here's a story from the news in Montreal right now.


Slow start for winter tires

Mon, 2009-11-30 15:11.
Andrew Cartwright

Now that there's snow on the ground....the question you'll hear alot is..."Did you get your snow tires put on?"

For more than half of Montreal motorists the answer

Mechanics are worried that over the next couple of days...things are going to turn people rush to slap on their winter studs.

December 15th is the deadline to get your snow tires on...and CAA says that close to 40% of Montreal motorists are currently without winter tires.

Many mechanics are saying that the procrastination comes from all the nice weather we've been having lately.


              Now here's why ,you may want to reconsider getting those grips on now.

       a Youtube Video of a December Snowstorm in Montreal 2007,.....

               tomorrow is December BTW:

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