Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guaranteed Pure Milk Bottle

The Guaranteed Pure Milk Bottle was finally completely repainted as described on the La Presse photo this morning. The text specifies that it is 10 metres high, weighs 6 tons and was built in 1930 and was painted as it was originally. Here is the comment:

"It is a small coat of paint but a large step for the Montreal heritage" 

This statement was made by  Dinu Bumbary, a great defender of  historical buildings and objects that have an historical value in the Montreal area.

Too bad he wasn't there to protect the "Pavillion" that was at the corner of Church and LaSalle where the founding of Verdun ocurred in 1876 and wich was demolished in 1954 to be replaced by a car wash next to a service station.


P.N. I am able to enlarge the photo by clicking on it but I have the Premium option. Can everybody enlarge the photo wich enables you to read the text ?


pauline garneau said...

What a beautiful job.Looks really great.Worth the effort. Pauline

john allison said...


Diane Roberts said...

Golly Gee! Don't you just miss those cold glass bottles of milk? An icy cold glass with a May West was pure heaven!.....Diane

john allison said...

Ah for the good old days of milk and Mae West!!!!!