Saturday, September 19, 2009

Steal $115 Million, get 20 months ...not bad work if you can get it...hahahaha

These type of thieves should really be treated a bit differently,.perhaps a trial in the states instead,where they will put you away,...Just ask Bernie or

MONTREAL – Failed financier Vincent Lacroix will get to sleep in his own bed for the first time in 20 months on Sept. 27.

The man convicted in 2007 of swindling $115 million from 9,200 investors in his now-defunct Norbourg Group of mutual funds has been granted full parole, his lawyer Clemente Monterosso confirmed on Friday.

Lacroix, 42, has been living at a halfway house since being released on day parole July 21.

He was convicted on 51 Quebec Securities Act violations in a 2007 civil trial and was sentenced Jan. 28 to 12 years behind bars – a term subsequently reduced to 8 1/2 years, then last month to five years less a day by the Quebec Court of Appeal.

But he could return to prison for as long as 14 years if found guilty on the nearly 200 criminal charges of fraud, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to commit forgery, fabricating documents and money laundering laid by the RCMP following their investigation into Norbourg.

Jurors are being selected for that trial which could begin next week.

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Les F said...

Hmmmm 5.75 million a month. but we have to Remember the 'work' is not steady.....hahahahaha