Monday, September 7, 2009

Some CBC Milestones in the 1960's

Here's a few things memorable to the CBC in the decade of the 1960's..............Checkout the 2nd milestone for 1969:          CBC stops advertising Tobacco Products, that was way ahead of it's time,.& I didn't Remember that one,Did You ? Imagine 40 year ago,they had the insight to stop promoting cigs.. Quite something, I know it took me a couple more years to figure it out.(somewhere in the early 70's I think it was )


  • Radio-Québec is established.
  • CBC discontinues tobacco advertising.


  • New Broadcasting Act confirms CBC's role of providing the national service and establishes the Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC) as the regulatory and licensing authority, including cable systems. Government issues White Paper on satellite communications.
  • Pre-release facilities are installed for Atlantic time zones.
  • First televised national debate among Canadian political party leaders: a CBC/CTV coproduction.


  • CBC is host broadcaster for Expo 67 in Montreal and Pan-Am Games in Winnipeg.
  • First taped television in the North.


  • Colour TV introduced in Canada.


  • The Fowler Committee on Broadcasting recommends a new regulatory and licensing authority.
  • Government announces colour TV policy.
  • First regular CBC stereo broadcasts from a single station (Winnipeg).


  • The FM network resumes in English, adding Vancouver by tape; local French FM continues in Montreal.


  • CBC hosts the three-week Commonwealth Broadcasting Conference.


  • The Trans-Canada and Dominion networks are consolidated.


  • CTV Network opens.
  • CBC issues proposals for satellite use in Canada.


  • BBG recommends licensing second TV stations in major cities and invites applications for Canada's first private network.The Juliette Show
  • Opening of the CBC shortwave service to the High Arctic.
  • Experimental bilingual FM network links Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. (Suspended temporarily in 1962)

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