Monday, September 7, 2009

LaRonde Roller Coaster #1 in North America




MONTREAL – It’s official – Montreal is home to the best roller coaster in North America.

The Monster, the wooden double-track coaster built on Île Ste. Hélène between 1985 and 1986, took the top prize in the Six Flags Tournament of Thrills on Monday. It racked up a stunning 10,565 online votes, trouncing New Jersey’s Nitro coaster, which earned only 4,322 votes.

The Tournament of Thrills pitted 16 nausea-inducing competitors against each other in an effort to find the "holy rail" of coasters, with online votes determining the winners of each round.


Bob Bisnett said...

I have such a problem with heights, that I no longer venture onto things like Roller Coasters. I used to "see" newspaper headlines in my minds eye when I was foolhardy enough to get on board. Getting stuck up there would have been one of the "headlines" for sure.


Diane Roberts said...

Many, many years ago as a young teenager, I had a date with a Verdun boy (popular singer at the names!) who took me up on a ferris wheel in Rawdon. It broke down when we were at the very top and my "knight in shining armour" cried hysterically! It took about 20 minutes to get us down and my embarrassed date was never to be seen again! This roller coaster ride probably killed him!

Brian Gearey said...

Diane good story. Like the roos against the sunrise? Brian

Diane Roberts said...

Yes Brian, it is the Roos against the sunrise. Living in the West, we can see dozens of Roos at the back of our country place and the scene is spectacular late afternoon across the valley in the "Glooming"....Diane
P.S. I'll try to capture some photos to post, although the kangaroos are nervous when you approach them and usually skip off.

David Flood said...

I have the same problem with women these days Oh darn.