Sunday, September 20, 2009


   Keeping with Guy's thread about Corona,...Heres' an example of the 'family size' Remember when we called them that......this example is for sale on ebay,..for about $14.99,.for an empty.....Sheeeeeeeeesh !!! didn't we buy this stuff for about .15 cents full of Kik Cola..Yikes' that's a mark up baby loo...................   "Aye Carumba".....  (Bill , that's for you ,hahahaha)



Walter Ryan said...

Les, Don't forget the quart size KIK-Cola cost 15 cents but there was also the bottle deposit of 5 cents. I always returned my empties so I guess my true cost was 15 cents-Walter

pauline garneau said...

Verdun Kik Cola was an intermediate team in the Verdun League.
It won the league championship in 1939-40 and entered the 1939-40 Quebec Senior Playoffs.
The team was sponsored by a local pop drink manufacturer.