Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Changes to the Main.........well Maybe

Just waiting for the final enveloppes stuffed with brownies,to land on the right desks,before a final OK is given to expropriate some buildings to make way for a new complex or something.......   Lower Main actually which ,if I remmeber correctly was in sad shape way back in the 70's ?? 

MONTREAL – The city’s executive committee is expected to decide on the next steps for the $160-million lower Main redevelopment project Thursday, André Lavallée said Wednesday.

He specifically refused to confirm or deny whether expropriation orders, and how many, are among the steps planned.

Lavallée – the member of the executive committee responsible for urban development – is the city’s point man on the project, which is meant to help revitalize Montreal’s old red-light district along St. Laurent Blvd., between Ste. Catherine St. and René Lévesque Blvd.

Members of the top city committee met to discuss the project Wednesday, he said in a brief interview, “but we are waiting for answers to some questions.”

“We are also waiting for some information from the Quebec Ministry of Culture.”

In early August, the Office de consultation publique de Montréal issued a report suggesting that some elements of the project be reconsidered.

The plans as submitted for the consultation hearings would require the demolition of eight buildings, including several neo-Roman greystones built between 1890 and 1930.


David Flood said...

Hmm Brownies. Full of chocolate. Well that's what they can buy with the original bag full of brownies. Maybe a couple of "pinkies" in their too.

Les F said...

I guess the enveloppes would be full of Ben Franklin's ,down your

Les F said...

Ahh ! Can a leopard change his spots,....Look at who used to be an FLQ member,...recognise the name,'s the guy waiting for the envelope with brownies in them .......hahahaha I hope he has medical benefits & a good pension of course.
.....Montreal Official linked to FLQ ............
MONTREAL - Montreal executive committee vice-chairperson André Lavallée says he was once a member of the Front de libération du Québec, according to a media report.

Lavallée admitted he took part in FLQ activities in 1971, the year after an FLQ cell kidnapped and killed then Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte, La Presse reports.

Then 19, Lavallée participated in the robbery of $31.90 at a bingo game in a church hall, the newspaper says. He and his accomplices were arrested and fined.

Lavallée, who is mayor of the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough, said he was surprised his past has now been dredged up and made public, La Presse reported. He said he had never tried to conceal his association with the FLQ, which grew out of his political beliefs at the time.

Lavallée said he told Mayor Gérald Tremblay about his FLQ past on Wednesday morning, and insisted that he had the confidence of the mayor.

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hmmmm I wonder how fair the bidding is for building permits,depending on ones mother tongue ?? Just a Thought,....although I suspect decisions are really based on how thick the envelope is: What Say You ?

Les F said...

I love this quote of Mayor Tremblay's of the distinguished Andre Lavallee ,.......It seems the Mayor is either very confident of winning the election (coming up) or the fix is in,.....Cause he already knows that Dear Andre will be holding a high profile position in the Executive Cabinet.....Does this mean they already Won..........hahahahahah Quebec Politics as Usual,I guess,......
“He gave me this information, that was already in the public domain, about what happened 38 years ago.All I can tell you is I’ve known André Lavallée for 20 years and he is a competent, experienced, devoted, loyal, man of integrity who works hard for his constituents. He has all my confidence and after the election, he will remain a member of the executive c ommittee with significant responsibilities.”

David Flood said...

Sounds like the old Duplessis era where the elections were pre-determined.

I am certain that Walther Leja is turning in his grave today. Not much vetting in Canada political arena. The inmates are taking over the asylum

Les F said...

This is just a test to experiment with posting photo's inside replies on any blog including this Multiply network,which would make it mor like the old MSN features,.

Les F said...

So I posted two different sizes, and it seems to work, I'll try to learn more of what we can do here ..etc etc..... These were easy ,as the codes to the photo's were avaialble to me on the site where the photos came from. I'll keep playing with it,and let you know how it goes,
Unless there are some of you out there that already know some ways to enhance the operating of this site, then we'd appreciate your input or ideas,............. HF&RV
ps: I do have a link to a help page & support type of info, which I'll post later,if anyones interested.

Les F said...

This one's for Sandy,............Remember where they lined up for Hotdogs ? hahahaha
Here's the main alter of St Josephs Oratory:

Sandy Walsh said...

Those hot dogs were the best - almost as good as the ones at the Forum. Did I ever tell you they were orange - I'm sure I must have mentioned it.

Les F said...

from the Main ,many moons ago:

Les F said...

This photo is an obvious compilation of a few signs around Montreal,but have a look at the one at the very's the old Silver Dragon in Cote St Paul ...............