Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scotty Bowman

Going through my files I came upon these pages from the 1950 VHS yearbook wich I had already posted in December 2006 on the old site but most members probably don't remember it so I am posting it again. Notice next to Scotty's photo is the following question:

Probable Destiny: A graduate of Sam Pollack's "Hockey School". How's that for a prophacy.

I recently posted a plaque that I photographed in the front garden of the Auditorium and I meant to return as I was told that there is another commemorative plaque or photo inside. I will check it out. As far as I am concerned, his accomplishment should be commemorated in a  much larger way in Verdun.



william Cooper said...

Guy thank you for sharing that bit of Verdun history. Occasionally I'll search ebay for VHS yearbooks between 1953 and 1958 but so far they continue to be forgotten in someone's closet to be thrown out by the children at some point in the future.
Bill (Second Avenue)

Guy Billard said...

I am reviewing my old postings and I am replying to this one regarding a visit I proposed doing to see what kind of commemoration the city of Verdun did at the Auditorium on Scotty Bowman. All I saw was a plaque in the the front of the building in the ground wich can hardly be seen. Is this the way to commemorate the best hockey man Verdun has produced. I also looked inside and there is no picture nor statue, nothing. I firmly believe that the Auditorium should be named the Scotty Bowman Auditorium the same that the Rouyn/Noranda arena was named after Dave Keon who was a native of that area and who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is another example of the disregard that the city has for its famous citizens. They named the arena next door the Denis Savard arena who is not even a native Verdunite. Verdunites and ex-Verdunites should send the city their support for such a move.