Monday, August 10, 2009

Movies in the Park pt:II

Here's the story from the Messanger that was brought to our attention by Pauline (pony) Thanks,....... 

     It was a night to be by the waterfront to see the stars under the stars last Wednesday as a crowd of about 500 or so took in the very popular “Movies in the Park”, which is sponsored by our wonderful friends at the radio family of CJAD/CHOM/Virgin Radio.

They were back after an 8-year absence and it has become a polished operation with those colorful radio station kiosks serving up Lester’s hot dogs on the grill, peanut free Lambert ice cream, cold bottled water from Eska and those sinfully tasty cupcakes from Popcakes, and there was even a popcorn setup this year, all served by those friendly radio station interns and the various sponsors.

The emcee for the night was the host of “The Beat with Heather B” none other than Heather B herself, who I had the pleasure of introducing after welcoming the crowd, and like she is on-air, a real sweetheart and was a delight to work with and can be heard weekdays from 1 pm to 4 pm on Virgin Radio.

Heather also made some people happy awarding some prizes of Jack Astor’s restaurant certificates and movie premiere passes for the new Adam Sandler movie, “Happy People” courtesy of Universal Pictures and Verdun School News, which is also a CHOM/Virgin Radio presentation.

And when the sun went down close to 9, it was time for the main attraction, the delightful family movie, “Hotel for Dogs” starring Lisa Kudrow, and the crowd having settled in with their folding chairs and blankets.

We would like to thank the Borough of Verdun and Normand Houle and Maxime Vallee at the Recreation Dept. As well, a big thanks goes to Melissa Mancuso, promotions coordinator at Virgin Radio and Skip Snair also in promotions. We hopefully look forward to another visit next year for another summer evening by the waterfront under the stars!

                  From all accounts a success: Way to Go Verdun          HF&RV

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