Monday, July 27, 2009

Montreal Streetcars, Snowdon Junction


Good Morning !

Is there someone who remember the configuration of the streetcar tracks at Snowdon Junction ?

Here is a pic showing two configurations : 1941 & 1948

Which one do you remember ?


Sources :

(1) : Montreal Tramways Co. (Map 1941):*&chpp=20&dbrqp=query_notice&qid=sdx_q41

(2) :Track Diagram

Montreal Tramways Co.
Data: A. Clegg
Drawing: Omer Lavallée
(December 1948)



Les F said...

Hi JMH,.......have a look at the pictures ....there are two shots of the area your asking about,maybe it will be helpful for your question,You can see the tracks in the photo.I'm not sure if this is the junction your asking about. HF&RV

Les F said... I think this is the one that shows the junction: HF&RV

pauline garneau said...
Is this a junction or a turn around??????
Is this where we transferred to go to Belmont Park

Jean-Marie Hachey said...

Thank you Les for this photo by Conrad Poirier.

That pic shows the southern part of the Snowdon Junction

Here is one that shows the northern part that may help to elucidate the configuration of the junction, although it is still not clear !!! (I dont know the original source of the photo)

Also thanks to pony19505 for a photo the southern part of the Snowdon Junction.
Yes, this was the place where we can transfer to the 17-Cartierville streetcar upto Belmont Park.


pauline garneau said...

Although the site is called Transit Toronto they are all photos of Montreal Streetcar and Trolley Buses .

Photo Gallery of around the city and on the way to Belmont Park

Walter Ryan said...

Hi Jean-Marie,
I think both maps may be correct. I remember that Snowdon Junction was a bottle neck of traffic. I was six years old when they rebuilt Snowden Junction and opened Garland Terminal in 1949. I can recall being fascinated by the construction while passing this area on Queen Mary Road. I would not be surprised if The Tramways did some reconfiguration to the tracks after 1941 and when this did not alleviate the traffic congestion they then commenced with the construction of Garland Terminal. This is just my guess however. A side note. During the 1949 construction I was watching the goings on with my aunt and cousin who lived nearby at the time on Cote St Luc Road. We were standing on the southeast corner of Decarie & Queen Mary Road. My aunt had bought us gum at the cigar store on the northwest corner of Decarie and Queen Mary Road. My cousin swallowed his gum. My aunt burst in to tears and started crying. A passerby helped out and assured my aunt that her son would be OK. Unfortunately this brought our construction watching to an abrupt end-Walter

Jean-Marie Hachey said...

Hi Walter !

Thanks for the historical notes.
Do you agree with my proposal of tracks configuration at Garland Terminus as shown here :


Walter Ryan said...

You have Garland Terminal exactly correct. How well I remember waiting there for the Cartierville 17 for the trip to Belmont Park. On another topic, do you have any information on the streetcar service to Pointe-Aux-Trembles? What years did the streetcars run to Point-Aux-Trembles? Do you have a track map? I believe it was a single track line. I know there was a head-on collision on the line one foggy morning. Any new information on Montreal's new light rail streetcar line? Thanks so much for all your streetcar information-Walter

Jean-Marie Hachey said...

Hi Walter,

I’m sending you by email a track map of the streetcar service to Pointe-Aux-Trembles

Have a good day !