Sunday, July 5, 2009

LaSalle/Wellington intersection 1938 and today

I'm not sure if I already posted these photos of the LaSalle/Wellington/Égan/Woodland area but here goes:

Verdunites will recognize this intersection as it gave us access to the Woodland Park, the boardwalk, the Band Shell, the Pavilion, and the river, not to mention Woodland Restaurant and their best pizza

in town . This also was the end of the line of the Wellington 58 streetcar. This should bring back a lot of memories. Nowadays, the Manoir Verdun is the center of attraction where the park was. You can't stop progress.

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Diane Roberts said...

Guy, I remember this always confused me as a kid because all other streets were totally laid out like a grid and this one had streets merging! Once a teenager though, all confusion was gone and I easily made my way to the PAV!....Diane