Friday, May 29, 2009

Verdun Glider Club 1935

I have previously posted this subject on the old VC site in 2007 but new information turned up wich I am passing it on to you. While going through the old Guardians, I found this article in the September 5th 1946 edition wich describes how the plane built by Arthur Quicke was stolen in 1930 and turned up 16 years later. I typed the article in my computer so that it can be readable. The stelen plane cound'nt be the one on the photo since it is dated 1935, nevertheless, it is a saga worth reading about an enterprising group of young Verdunites. Imagine a car towed glider flying over the VHS in 1935, I wish I could have seen such the spectacle.

I have discoverd problems enlarging the text so I will make a short transcription:

The 1946 article says that the plane Albert Quicke built in 1930 was stolen and turned up in 1946, 16 years later. He dicided to buy it back and kept it in his store with the intgention of completing it later, He built a new one and won several prizes at the Cleveland Air Show.

I will try to reproduce the complete text and post it.






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Guy Billard said...

I have opened Album no. 47 on my site so you can now go to it, view and zoom in to be able to read the text. Hopefully this will work. I think you will like this "amusing" Verdun historical story.