Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Revisit 'the Main' different film

I did place this link under the original video of 'The Main' posted a few months ago,but I thought I would paste this link here,so everyone can see ,it's a different view & story of the Mian ,but there is good narration & it has some good old footage of Montreal ,this was filmed by the NFB in 1973  ( I came across it while watching the Victoria Bridge video).........hope it's of interest


Sandy Walsh said...

I finally watched this whole thing - a half hour ??? lol - anyway I love the way they make the bagels

Les F said...

You know it's a neat old film, I would like to spend sometime in Montreal ,& be able to go & search for Montreal / Verdun stories & photgraphs etc etc I bet I'd find all sorts of neat stuff (neat to me at least)