Thursday, March 26, 2009

The More things Change ,the more they remain the Same

Seems we always have some sort of issue with the service provider ,regardless of format,......even back in the early days ,we had issues with MSN,.disappearing pictures, posts, mesgs arriving days after posting ,....hahahahahaha  and all this we get for Free !!

    Here's a copy of an old message from Sharon : Sept 02,2003

Blog Entry Is it just me.... Sep 2, '03 9:56 AM
by sharon_starr for everyone

At the risk of soundy picky (but I'm not really!) is it just me or does anyone else here find that the way MSN has formatted the way you retrieve new messages here sucks the big one or what? I mean, you can get around it by posting a "new discussion" but then you don't have a link to go to the message that was being replied to, know what I mean? I run 2 or 3 groups in Yahoo and I find that the way the group messages are formatted there are much more efficient, no offense.
Ever think about trying one in Yahoo?
Then again, maybe it's just cuz I am more accustomed to the workings of Yahoo groups....I don't know. What do ya think?
Luv, Sharon
                                              Have Fun & Remember Verdun

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