Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steamer Stuck in the Rapids

It looks like a few steamers did get stuck in the Rapids,...but here's a story from the NYTimes archives ,about a Steamer named the L.Renaud which got trapped in the Rapids & people in canoes wanted to'extort' them .....Nice to see the good in Humanity existed even in those times......................

Wreck of the Steamer Renaud in the Lachine Rapids with 150 Passengers on Board-How They Escaped Extortion of the Canoe People

May 17, 1873, Wednesday

The steamer L. Renaud left Cornwall on Monday morning at 5 o'clock, to make her usual trip to Montreal, touching at Beauharnois and other points. She had on board from 125 to 150 passengers, and when she neared the famed Lachine Rapids the decks were crowded in anticipated excitement of the "shooting." can read the 'rest of the storey' (as old Paul Harvey would have said)

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                    you can read the whole article ,using Adobe Reader...... HF&RV

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