Wednesday, February 25, 2009

J.P. Dupuis Ltée

J.P. Dupuis Ltée was situated at 1084 Church facing Cool and was demolished in the beginning of 1959. I used to go there through the laneway to get leftover wood pieces with my small wagon, that ended up in the sawdust bin. We used the wood as fire starters in our wood stove but I also carved various objects such as planes and guns, My favorite was making a german luger as this was during the war and I got the model from the comic books and of course from the movies and of course we used to play cowboys and indians. The workers would let us do this most of the time but one day the management took us to their office to explain what we were doing there.They scolded us and we never returned. There were often fires in that place as we would regularly hear the fire truck sirens going to the woodyard. No time wasted looking at TV. Other memories of growing up in Verdun. The enclosed photo is from the 1959 Guardian and is not very good as I had to take a photo of an already bad photo. Does anybody remember that place.

As you can see there is now a new building that has replaced the wood yard.



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john allison said...

Yes I do. If it is the same place, I was fasinated by the equipment they used to pick up the lumber. I still remember the color being green...