Monday, January 12, 2009

Verdun, Remember those endless processions

I seem to remember while growing up in Verdun, that we had all sorts of parades,be it Military Parades ,with SeaCadet bands ,or Easter Parades, we also used to have parades where characters like the Planters Mr Peanut guy,would throw little bags of peanuts to us kids along the sidelines,but I imagine political correctness & high liabilty insurance would certainly have ended that practice ,what with all the allergy's to different things re: nuts etc etc ......but the weird bunch of processions ,/ parades/ had to be the relgious ones ,marking some Saint's day or whatever, where they (the church priests etc ) dressed up in their gowns and walked through the streets,perhaps hoping to create a little 'pied piper' effect & draw some sheep to their little congregation party....hahahaha bring your change ,cause ,with all the 'almost' unbelievable miracles they ( the church ) could pull off,they were just not that good with money & they always could use more gold statues & stuff......along with the celebration of there many ceremony's they also would take to the streets for a funeral too .I suppose to get some use out of the many 'outfits & hats ' they had...........hahahahahah 
Here's a shot of one of those processions in Verdun...checkout the leader of the packs hat, it sort of looks like a 'bullfighter's' hat...........I'm thinking bullshooter would be more appropriate,but that's just my odd sense of humour ........
Actually in this photo ,you have the 'dead man walking top hat' ..see what I mean a costume for every gotta love their stick to!
............I forget what comedian that said, that the Pope was quoted as saying there was absolutely no room in the heiarchy of the church  for femininity,(no woman priests) .and he said all this while wearing a 'full length silk gown' with a matching Satin Hat...........................hahahahahahahaha
                                         Have Fun & Remember Verdun

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