Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have accumulatied mainly old but a few new photos of Verdun in the photo section of my site. These photos come from our archives (SHGV) and many were posted by Les, JM and others so take a few moments to view these photos. I have grouped them into albums according to their subject so you can follow the evolution of the subject. You can visualize different sizes by clicking on the photos and using the zoom feature. I have posted a short history of each photo for your convenience. The photos are mainly about Verdun and I add new photos practically every day so visit my site often. I also want to mention that each time I go to Verdun, I bring my camera and take new photos to compare the old and the new.



Les F said...

Guy have you had an opportunity to find that building (we suspect near Manning ???) with the arches over the front gallery, you know the one posted of a Verdun Police Car on Verdun avenue near a corner ,where we can see a sign saying Academy on it, & we believe that was an old bowling alley,I think the building on the far corner across the street from the Police Car ,is still around, and an updated shot would be perfect to see,as it would certainly determine the location of where the original photo was taken:
I'll try to find that photo , I'm talking about , and I will put it near the front of the Photo Album section ,later ...I am off to dinner right now)

Guy Billard said...

As a matter of fact, I did go by that area last Saturday, both on Bannantyne and Verdun ave. but I could not recognize the building with the 3 arches. There are a lot of buildings that have been renovated and rebuilt so I suspect that the 3 arches are no longer there.

Ron Manfield said...

Les, Just wated to let you know that I really enjoy all the pics and comments that you post. The other day I found a photo of my late mother holding my brother in her arms when he was a baby, on the 3rd floor balcony when we lived at 663 - 3rd Ave. I will try and find other such pictures of third avenue from the early 50's and share them.