Friday, January 2, 2009

DFLOOD pics,,,,,he had some real good ones

Dave had some real neat old Verdun pics ....hope you see this post & add some more of those old Verdun are always better when they come from the source themselves.......Thanks in Advance ,if we can see some of those Torchy Wharf & Verdun Stadium Football teams pics....................HF&RV


Anonymous said...

Is there still the park in the middle of Brown Blvd; where we'd skate & play hockey in winter & baseball in summer?

Les_F said...

hi anonymous try doing a google search of an address on Brownd Blvd and then switch to street view and take a tour right down any street in Verdun and you would probably be able to see the park where they used to set up the rink. Good Luck and thanks for surfing by. Cheers !