Monday, November 24, 2008

Made it to Multiply

I was a member of the MSN group, but had not been on for a long, long time.
Received the message about the move, but the link was missing.
Anyhow to make a long story short, i signed in using a new user ID and password.

I used to live on Gordon in between Verdun and Wellington, some of the neighborhood kids were Alice And Margaret Conant, Joey Hunt, George Elkin, Lise Aumais, Gaston Brousseau.

School Friends were Gordie Leonardo, Larry Leonardo, McCarthy, and Ron Leonardo, The Tougas Brothers, Larry Furlong, Dave Stoddard and many more that I just can't remember their names right off the bat.

I visit Montreal/Verdun a few times a year, My Mom is now living in a great senior residential home in Ville Emard, And last year My Brother and I (Ron) sold the family home that Old Grand paw built back in 1997.

I moved from Verdun in December of 1960 and Joined the Navy, Retired in 1980, and settled down in a warmer climate, a small city called Camarillo, about the same size as verdun, but a lot warmer. It located about 45 miles North of Los Angeles.

That's it for Now
Hope to visit the group more often than I used to

Gabby Gaboury

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Waikiki Web Cam



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look at him he is sooooo cute..JPG

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Verdun History - Richelieu/Gagnon House

You're absolutely right... 


Yes, now I remember.  It was almost right
across from Yvette's store.


The house had a big "R" crest (Richelieu House) on the
front of the house.  I used to steel plums from the trees at the back of
the house (facing the boardwalk).  Those were the best, sweetest and
juiciest plums in the world.


For some reason, I was thinking the house was being
identified as being between 1st and Willibrord insteat of Willibrord and


We never knew it as Gagnon house.  We always
called it the Richelieu Club House.




 Louise Lafontaine 




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Live Web Cam Waikiki

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E-mail Fraud re banks.eml


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~$ GRANDSON AND FRIENDS Well Matthew.doc

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Happy Birthday VC!

Today is the 6th Anniversary of Verdun Connections.
Thankyou to all members for your contributions! Verdun Connections has surpassed my dreams!
 Please watch your mailboxes for an invitation to the new "Verdun Connections" at Multiply.

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Sonny's Reading List.xls

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Fw_ ___To All The Girls We've Loved Before_____.eml

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montreal trolley accident 1900.pdf

Hockey at Verdun Auditorium

Two teams from the LHJMQ league played  at the Verdun Auditorium friday night. The Junior de Montréal beat the Québec city Remparts (that's Pattrick Roy's team)    8 to 2. At the game at the Forum tonight Patrick Roy's no. 33 sweater will be removed from the Canadien team and hoisted at the top of the ice.

Friday, November 21, 2008


See in memoriam.
WISHNOUSKY, Susan (nee Deschenes). 1945-2008
lived at 1011 Brown Boulevard circa 1959

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flash in the sky

Maggiemck did you guys see the sky light up across Sask.
 supposed to be a meteorite ,sailed over you guys today........

Verdun History - Building, Stadium, Home

The Verdun Messager just printed these old photos of important Verdun Structures.
Senior Citizens Home under construction at foot of Woodland
Stadiun at foot of Galt, 1968 Photo
The Gagnon family home, Corner LaSalle Blvd and Willibrord wich burnt down beginning ot the 80s.
No doubt the owners of the large Department Store on Wellington at corner of Church.

Pamela Nelson

This message has been deleted by the author.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beating Loneliness with Nostalgia.

Lasalle Road School

Hi -
I came across the following item in last month's CARP magazine(this is a magazine dedicated to seniors' in Canada).
"Looking for anyone who went to LaSalle Road school in Verdun, QC....'36 - '40's, who knew me, June Day (Pike).  Write: 503-551 Austin Ave., Coquitlam, BC V3K 6R7, Phone 604-931-2522"
I hope somebody out there knows her and gets in contact with her.
judy in NB

Monday, November 17, 2008

looking for

does anybody put there know of the whereabouts of Patsy King who lived on third  Ave, or Sandy MacKenzie  who ;ived on fourth ave. do you remember where cement downs where , where they played football.... Bruce Milmine

Brings tears to my eyes

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking for Pebbles McArther

Looking For Pebbles McArther last knowen to live on Melrose has any one heard from her. 


This message has been deleted by the author.

Verdun Christmas Reunion

Hi, everyone:
Following last year's succesful little gathering in December at the Village bar on Anjou in Chateauguay Tim Clancy and I have decided to organize another such will take place at the Village Bar on Anjou in Chateauguay( it's right beside the MacDonalds) on Friday, December 12, 2008, from approximately 5 PM onward. Last year about 20 ppl showed up, even tho we were meeting on the same night that the Annual Verdun Reunion at the Strathcona Hotel in Toronto was taking place, so this year, we are going to have it on a different date - December 12 - maybe we can get a bigger turnout.  If you need more info, email me at this email or at  Best.
Dean Thomson
Chateauguay, QC

Bad Apples

As you can see, not all Verdunites are law abiding citizens and we have our share of bad apples. Johanness Winton is on trial and accused of killing Audrey-Eve Charron and Patrick Merlin in 2004 in the lane between 2nd and 3rd ave. Apparently Winton tried to pay for his drugs with paper money and then decided to get rid of  Merlin and his girl friend who just happened to be there. This article is from a recent La Presse article. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dawes Black Horse Ale

These are the types of ads that the breweries used in the early thirties. Dawes Brewery had a different catoon each week in the Verdun Guardian.

Hitler 1932

I also found this photo of Hitler in this september 16th, 1932 Guardian edition wich I thought might be of interest to VC members.

The Pavillon - New Discovery

Going through our archives (SHGV) today I found this photo in the June 19th 1931 Guardian of the inside of the Pavillon. I've been looking for such a photo for a long time . I saw this bnuilding in my youth and I did'nt realise how big it was. This is a big addition to our archives. I am including other related photos.

FIRE, Pt. St. Charles

More than 125 Montreal firefighters are still fighting a five-alarm fire that started around 2 a.m. in a commercial building at 1830 Le Ber St. in Pointe St. Charles.

The building, which houses a paper recycling company and has 450,000 square feet of space, partially collapsed on one side Saturday morning.

TV on Second Avenue

Forgive me Bill and Winnie, I deleted the original thread because I posted so many replies to it, trying to figure out why some posts get all the jargon and others do not. I was not successful. Although I did manage to get extremely frustrated with MSN.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Verdun Christmas Reunion in Chateauguay

Hi, there:
Following last year's succesful little gathering in December at the Village bar on Anjou in Chateauguay Tim Clancy and I have decided to organize another such will take place at the Village Bar on Anjou in Chateauguay( it's right beside the MacDonalds) on Friday, December 12, 2008, from approximately 5 PM onward. Last year about 20 ppl showed up, even tho we were meeting on the same night that the Annual Verdun Reunion at the Strathcona Hotel in Toronto was taking place, so this year, we are going to have it on a different date - December 12 - maybe we can get a bigger turnout.  If you need more info, email me at  Best.
Dean Thomson
Chateauguay, QC

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Remote Gas Station

This "cute" illustration of a remote gas station appears in the currant Verdun Messager wich I thought VC members might appreciate.


I saw this notice over at the Pointe Website and thought that I would post it here just in case there is any interest: Quote
Open Note to Students of St. Willibrord's 1953 to 1961 - Alice {Bundza} Mossey - is looking for you.  Had the great pleasure of meeting 3 former students and being in touch with 1 in B.C. in the past month.  Would love to hear from a bunch and see if we can have a reunion in Verdun.
Linda Minucci owns a restaurant on Hickson and Wellington which would be a great place to meet.
Pass the word on - get in touch - let's see what happens

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

St. Willibrord's 95th anniversary

This appeared in the Montreal Gazette on Sat Nov 8, 2008

St. Willibrord's Parish, 325 Willibrord St. in Verdun, celebrates its 95th anniversary, the Feast of St. Willibrord and its solemn Hopping Procession at 10:30 a.m. with a special invitation to all friends and former parishioners to attend.

Phone numbers on Manning

Anyone able to find a page of the phone book for Manning. circa 70-75.
Addresses from 800-900..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photos Recommendations

Being responsible for collecting, grouping, identifying and cataloging photos for our society, (SHGV), I would like to make the following recommendations regarding photos:
Photos should contain:
Persons names and relation
And any other information.
I handle many photos in our library without these informations wich is unfortunate as they diminish their historical value. We all have photos wich we inherited from our parents some who are no longer with us and wish we could know the names on the photos. This detailed information makes our photos much more interesting. Also, we should'nt forget that our photos will be passed on to future generations.

Newly Scanned Photos!

Good Morning, all! Guess who got a photo scanner on the weekend. I went through my old pics and found one of our Dawson's Glee Club.
You can find them in the photo section here on this site.
Some of you may have been members there in the early sixties and will find yourself in the photo.
Also scanned a pic of our fourth grade class (1963-1964 year) at St. Thomas More school. Mrs. Timlin was the teacher then and she is in the photo as well. I recognize Debby Belizle, Debby Rankin and many others.
The last pic is a newspaper cutting showing our basketball team. If you enlarge the pic you'll see that I've written in the names of the members above each member's head.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Verdun History

Hi Folks

I’m looking for information on Torchy Wharf (Torchie Wharf) and can’t find anything.   Maybe it had another name but that is what we called it back when my brother went fishing off it in the fifties. 

Does it still exist? How did it get that name?

Coach Bim

Has anybody heard from Coach Bim I haven't seen him on here in awhile.

Friday, November 7, 2008


What is this?
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Looking For

also Michael Collins where are you?

Looking For......

Just trying to locate old buddies I used to hang around with when I lived on Osbourne Ave. (VHS 70-74). Can't seem to locate them anywhere. Here's a list:
Brian McCallum
Ian Davidson
Philip Maxwell
Rick Tessier
Terry Smith
Thanks, Much appreciated!

New direction

New Direction........It's a Slama for Obama , the new Prez of the USof A......................hope he can straighten out the mess.
          this is only meant to be a Breaking News Bulletin.........and  not a Political thread                                                    HF&RV

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ben's Demolished

The La Presse article says that Ben's was demolished last weekend. Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Ed Sullivan, Betty Middler, Jack Benny and Liberace are some of the celebrities who patronized the restaurant and who's photos were on the walls. It was founded 100 years ago, by the Letton Ben Kravitz at the intersection of Metcalfe and De Maisonneuve West. The McCord Museum recuperated the hundreds of photos by the stars, tables, menus, plates and even a smoked meat cutting machine. Employees of the museum took photographs in order to organise an exibition in hommage to this symbol of Montréal.

Hello from Louise Lafontaine

I found this site by doing a Google search for "Quai Leblanc".

I noticed Bruce Milmine is a contributor. We both live in Ottawa. Bruce is married to Marion Snelgrove and we connected for the first time in 47 years. We were next-door neighbours as kids.

I met with a teacher from St. Willibrord, Ms Alice Bundza, about 18 years ago for a reunion. She was living in the state of New York. That information was given to me by another former teacher, Mrs. Berub챕, who I read a few minutes ago, had passed away this summer.

I am on-line friends with Heather Cohen. She used to live on Willibrord near LaSalle Blvd.

I used to go roller-skating on the boardwalk.

On hot summer days, we cooled ourselves by going to the park near the Auditorium and running under the tube sprinkler and drinking small bottles of free cold milk.

I remember the ice storm in the early 60s. I remember a terrible fire on Willibrord that we could see from our back porch.

I remember the fireworks and the parades.

Was there a Detective Kelly at the police station ?

I remember 2 young brothers, who drowned, winters apart. They had been toboganning on the embankement and slid right into the river. They lived on LaSalle Blvd, near the power house.

What a way to connect all the dots. This is a great site for information.

I love seeing the pics and hearing about the old haunts.

I remember Yvette's store across from the police station.

I remember the dump behind the hospital. One year there were tonnes of pineapples that had been dumped there. Yuk. What a place to put a dump!!!

Looking for Lorraine Martel, 1st Ave near LaSalle Blvd

Does anyone know what happened to Lorraine Martel? She was a great kid and had ringlets. Her birthday was October 13th.

I would love to contact her. My e-mail is


Monday, November 3, 2008

ricky white

Read in gazette on Saturday Ricky White passed away he use to hang around Miss Wellington's and I thought if anyone hung around this restaurant they would remember hin.Carol

Sunday, November 2, 2008


There will be another Angels Diner opening up in Georgetown, ( the sign says "coming soon"), and they have started construction.  This may be a little closer for anyone who wants to meet for lunch someday, when it finally does open up.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ypres Day parade

How many of us older Verdunite remember the annual Ypres Day parade that the Verdun legion put on? After the war, it really was a largw parade starting at Evelyn/Church, going past the cenotaph then at Lasalle/Wellington and proceeding to Woodland park where a ceremony was held. All of the regiments in the Montreal area were there with Tanks, field pieces, bands etc. Of course over the years it has gotten a lot smaller with only legionaires participating. Apparently the Verdun legion is the only one in all of Canada to remember those who died in Ypres.

Verdun Back Yards

Here are a couple more photos of old Verdun back yards. Unfortunately they are undated but my guess is they go back to the 30s or the 40s. Perhaps some members will recognize a relative or the address although the photos are typical of  many Verdun back yards. These photos are from the collection of one of our members (SHGV) who donated them to our society and I have more to share wich will follow later. Does'nt this bring back many memories of our youth growing up in Verdun ?