Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lachine Canal - West - Verdun (1927).

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Lachine Canal - West - Verdun (1927).

Aerial photo:

Can you identify the bridge over Lachine Canal ?

Photo taken around 1927





guy5479 MSN said...

JM, Could it be the Charlevoie bridge ? The industrial building on the right center would be the DIL plant. If that is correct, we will be able to identify the other main streets. This is a very good photo. Thanks JM.  I will make a copie for our archives at the SHGV . Guy

les__f MSN said...

It is a hard picture to analyze,.Hard to find exact landmarks ,We've seen these photos before and asked almost the same questions,It's a little          The other photo that accompanies this one on the BNQ site is no more helpful as it doesn't really even show the canal that well,if at all. We've studied these pics in the past,and never really did figure it out exactly,I wonder if a 'Google Earth' shot from nowadays would help identify the bridge ( if it even still there,as I think they removed some of the bridges ,when they refurbished the Canal a few yearsa ago)             Thanks for the link JMH,lately I haven't been able to post phtos from that site,without them disappearing,so maybe posting the actual link is the only way to see the shots.Thanks               HF&RV

jmhachey MSN said...

  My intrerpretation: A: Eglise St-Charles B: Trinity Church C: Laprairie D: Centre E: Augustin-Cantin (Manufaturers) F: St. Patrick G: St-Charles H: Charlevoix I: Atwater J: Ropery K: Rushbrooke L: Wellington M: Joseph N: Verdun av.   Do you agree ?   JM

jmhachey MSN said...

Correction: E: Augustin-Cantin (Manufaturers) E: Augustin-Cantin (Manufacturers)