Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was raised and born in Crawfordpark..We all knew it
as the " OLD STONE HOUSE" although, yes, it was used
as a branch of the legion 212..I was a member of that
legion.I could still picture some of guys sitting
around and talking , like, Cyr Dillion , Andy Viau,
Monteith..etc etc..,Not sure if any of the O'Reillys
were members.Lots and lots of history there..

Guy..did you ever know a guy named " Norman Longely"
from Crawfordpark.He had a bad motorclye accident, he
hit the big fence at the Dougals Hospital,he ended up
in the Douglas Hospital..I always wonder how is he
doing today..


guy5479 MSN said...

johnmeliving2,   Sorry, never heard of Norman Longely. Guy

les__f MSN said...

Hi onesmack (Sandy) or Dave Drummer..... glad to hear Marco Spruce Beer is still around...... also want to know if you have 'Google Earth' on your computer ,(if not it's easy to get & FREE,.that favourite 4 letterword)......and with it ,you can type in the address of the ols Stone House which is 7244 Lasalle Blvd ( better typed in the search window as 7244 Blvd. Lasalle.......and it will  immediately fly you to that spot in Verdun,.from your window ,you will be able to see that the Natatorium is only a little further on up the road ( to plagerise some lyrics from oe of my favourite Springsteen songs etc etc ) ...hahahaha but you will be able to see the two landmarks..Hope you have it,cause you'll think it's neat I'm sure ...good Luck      HF&RV

johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

Yes.. we were all lucky to be part of the past of The
" Old Stone House"..

johnmelinvin2 MSN said...

Crawfordpark Legion Bldg.was also use for
weddings,special occasions,political meetings, I said
this once before, a lot of good people went thru those
doors..I remember, George O'reilly the mayor, was
there..I always wondered, is there anybody left in
Crawfordpark coming from the blood lines of people who
were there from the 40' and 50's..Two weeks from now
i will be visiting that area to see my daughter and i
will go take a look at hte Old Stone House.

finngirl10 MSN said...

I also grew up in Crawford Park and how well I remember the Old Stone House.  My dad took me there for Brownies.  I loved that wonderful old house and every time I visit Montreal and, of course, Crawford Park spending a few minutes just looking and remembering the Old Stone house  is a must.  I do remember Norman Longeley but did not know that he had been in an accident.  How many years ago did that happen?  I have a friend who still lives in Crawford Park who may know more.

les__f MSN said...

Want to buy a school, I don't know for sure how old this article is,.but it 's from the Messanger ,& it seems the school on Lloyd in Crawford Park is (or was ) up for sale,.....So it maybe your chance to have a nice home in Crawford Park with a 'long hallway' Les résidants de Crawford Park ont répondu en grand nombre à l'invitation de l'Administration Trudel, qui les a consultés sur la demande de changement de zonage de la Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (CSMB) pour son école du 1310, rue Lloyd George. L'ancienne 챕cole Crawford, que la CSMB a utilis챕e pendant un certain temps pour loger les classes de maternelle de l'챕cole Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, est d챕saffect챕e, aussi on voudrait la vendre car on ne pr챕voit pas qu'un nombre suffisant d'enfants justifie son maintien dans les dix prochaines ann챕es. D챕mographie oblige, l'immeuble est un fardeau pour la CSMB qui croit pouvoir can read the whole story here: .........ahhh I should have stayed in school & I would have been able to read,that this article appeared in the November 2007 issue of the Messanger...............  sorry 'bout that chief'     I think Guy may have even alerted us to this ,I seem to Remember seeing a Messanger article posted ,about something along the way.......... oh well Have Fun & Remember Verdun