Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hockey games in 1938: Verdun vs Victoria

Hockey games in 1938: Verdun vs Victoria

Hi Les !

Do you know if the Victoria team of 1938 was from B.C. ?

(or Victoriaville ?)

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Hockey. Verdun - Victoria / Conrad Poirier . - 27 f챕vrier 1938
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Joueurs des 챕quipes de hockey Victoria et Verdun s'affrontant dans la zone des buts. Nous apercevons les spectateurs dans les gradins.

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les__f MSN said...

hi JMH ,...I'm not sure which Victoria Team ,or if it was from out here or not? ....but a Victoria Team called the Cougars won the Stanley Cup here around 1925ish,....roughly I was just looking at that exact photo you posted,the BNQ is a great assett ,but I'm surprised that somethings just can't be found,....(yet?) Thanks for posting it,.We appreciate the input,.....I've found many streetcar pictures and Bus pics,.I've posted some ,cause I know a few of the members like yourself are knowledable about them.......                          HF&RV

sgwu731 MSN said...

Les & Jean-Marie, I checked the Internet Hockey database, , for Victoria-based teams and it does not show a team in Victoria between 1920-1940.    This a great site for various types of  hockey data but is not 100% complete and a team in Victoria may have existed in this timeframe.   Ron Chapdelaine  

les__f MSN said...

Thanks Ron,.......I haven't had a chance to checkout the site yet,but I will later on tonight,  it seems that Victoria BC as well as Vancouver moved from having pro teams to semi-pro along the way,...... and not until the Canucks entered the NHL did the Westcoast have a Pro team again (I'm not sure they do, even now,,,,,,hahahahaha)                                                                                     hf&rv