Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gas Prices

Ottawa Area
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  c/L Station Region Time
LO 119.7 Ultramar
Smiths Falls
Ottawa Valley 07:53 Thu
LO 120.0 Pioneer
Ottawa East 08:24 Thu
LO 121.3 Ultramar
Hawthorne road
Ottawa South 07:25 Thu
LO 121.6 Ultramart
Castlefrank Dr. & Hazeldean Rd
Kanata 08:00 Thu
LO 121.6 Ultramart
Stonehaven Dr. & Mike Copeland
Kanata 08:00 Thu
LO 121.8 Sunoco
Eagleson road
Kanata 08:17 Thu
LO 121.8 Esso
Eagleson Rd. & Hazeldean Rd.
Kanata 08:00 Thu
LO 121.9 Oasis Stop Gas
Hwy 7 - Carleton Place
Ottawa Valley 07:00 Thu
LO 122.5 Ultramar
hawkesbury rue john
Prescott and Russell 09:32 Thu
LO 123.6 MacEwen
Richmond Rd & McEwen
Ottawa West 08:43 Thu
HI 134.9 Esso
Pontiac 07:19 Thu
HI 133.9 Petro-Canada
Pontiac 07:17 Thu
HI 129.4 Ultramar
HiWay 50 @ Blvd. Lorrain
Gatineau 04:17 Thu
HI 129.4 Petro-Canada
St-Raymond / du Plateau
Hull 09:41 Thu
HI 129.4 Ultramar
Hull 07:50 Thu
HI 129.4 Esso
St-Raymond / des Grives
Hull 09:42 Thu
HI 129.4 Ultramar
St-Raymond/des Jonquilles
Hull 09:41 Thu
HI 125.9 Sunys
Preston & Adeline
Centretown 07:42 Thu
HI 124.9 CO-OP
Rte 500 & Limoges Rd.
Prescott and Russell 07:41 Thu
HI 124.9 Shell
Ottawa Valley 07:20 Th


pd1645 MSN said...

Ottawa gas prices look like a bargain - strange as that may sound.  Today I paid $1.31.3 a litre in White Rock, BC.  It's been sitting around that price for more than a week, except when it hit $1.35.9 one day!  Just gotta get used to it cause it's not going down any time soon.   Pat

fresco750 MSN said...

Steve, It is time to stop driving and ride the streetcar-Walter  

fresco750 MSN said...

  The small car market is heating up as car consumers weary of high gas costs and notice low sticker prices   For the first time since the late-1970s, Americans and Canadians are taking a serious look at small cars. The reconsideration is for usual reasons: the one-two punch of exorbitant gas costs and low sticker prices on nice, fresh models. And although the first quarter of this year didn't see a rampant hybrid or small vehicle buying frenzy -- trucks still outgun hybrids 23-to-1 after all -- the small car market is trending upwards.

fresco750 MSN said...

High gas prices help Florida Tri-Rail shatter ridership records By CHUCK McGINNESS Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Sunday, May 25, 2008 After drawing more passengers during April than any other time in its 19-year history, Tri-Rail is on the verge on breaking the record again. Average weekday ridership during April was 13,377. This month's weekday ridership is averaging 14,391 and is expected to exceed April when the final tally is in, spokeswoman Bonnie Arnold said. The increase can be attributed to the high cost of gas and a heightened awareness of the benefits of public transit, Arnold said.  

biking2006 MSN said...,8599,1809900,00.html