Saturday, February 23, 2008

Magic Tom

This add appeared in the February 7th 1979 issue of the Messenger. Magic Tom was born and raised in Verdun so qualifies as a true Verdunite and he was a former St Willibrord High student.


guy5479 MSN said...

Bigfellow, My mistake, Magic Tom was not born in Verdun. However, your article makes no mention that he went to St Willibrord High, nevertheless,  we can now add this information to his biography for our SHGV archives. I mentioned previously where he lived in Verdun so I will consult my files. Guy

metalman108 MSN said...

back then at the st thomas moore school yard at rescess time, everyone enjoyed the yo yo's, at times a rep for the yo yo's would show up and show us some tricks. one of our classmates related to magic tom, magic tom showed up at the st thomas moore show yard at recess, what a surprise to see magic tom in action. here's a site that is in his honor for future magicians    

sewingnutz1 MSN said...

Magic Tom was indeed a talented and versatile performer!    Many, many years ago, when I was around 8 years old, my parents both worked for a hotel along the St-Lawrence River which catered the rich and famous. Well, at least it did back then...nowadays, it has been converted to a wonderful casino hotel for any and all who wish to enjoy it. There was an outbuilding across from the hotel which served as pool house, movie theatre, bingo hall, and of course as the theatre whenever an act of note was available.  Well, one day as I went downstairs to change into my bathsuit, didn't I spy Magic Tom's face on a poster.  Magic Tom appearing....etc, etc.    Now, I was almost never allowed to attend any of these things...after all, it would not have been appropriate for an employee's child to be seen at any of these functions. (Geez I miss the '60's  lol) Anyways, I bugged, and bugged, and bugged my mother until finally she gave in ...."ok, ok"..she said.  "When I come to work (she was the cashier that night) you can sneak in and sit in one of the back rows." I was beside myself.  I was going to see Magic Tom. I could not believe my good fortune.    Now as we all know, the rules of performance demand, first and foremost, that you know your audience and Magic Tom was a great performer.  So, out comes Magic Tom ...he proceeds to do a trick and two and starts to tell jokes....well, ladies and gentleman....let me tell you ...they were NOT kid friendly, which considering his audience, was as it should be.  Poor little 8 year old me...well, my jaw hung open and my face turned red !  I left the theatre and told my mom I was going back the our room.    Years and years later, probably around 1995 or so, I met Magic Tom while he performed at some retail store or other.  He listened attentively as I told  my story.  He smile through it, laughed along with me and then apologized profusely and said he hoped he hadn't traumatized me too much, which of course he had not, though, I never did forgot the incident.   I have told this story to many fellow Montrealers over the years. Most have been shocked and I have to admit, many were sure I was, shall we say, mistaken. But this is, I assure you, a true story.   So, all in all, a versatile performer, a wonderful magician, funny to kids as well as adults and finally a kind and sympathic man. He will be remembered fondly by children of all ages whose lives he touched.   Sewingnutz

sammie MSN said...

I open up my mail this morning to find Magic Tom....Wow..I sure do remember him...I was on his show..yes really!!! I would really like to see the show I did with my friends and family...Wonder if any of them are archived. It had to be in the 60's...Cathaline McCory if I am not mistaken set it all up..(I am sure with the help of her mother)  There was me my 2 sisters Toni and Judy Lazure,Cathaline Mc Cory, I remember a Judy Vincent...but well you know how the memory gets...not to sure about her...anyway we all did an Hawiian dance with the little grass skirts and lei's. I remember Magic Tom placing his hand on my head and calling me his little black hair was very very dark brown and I guess he was refering to my hair.  I use to love watching him on tv...and when we actually got to meet him in person was just amazing...I was in awe. Wonder if there is any way we can get a copy of the show?  I would love to see it.   Sandra Lazure

willie MSN said...

Magic Tom, I stil have his autograph (somewhere) and was on his show twice. Once with a postcard collection, I was about 7 or 8 years old. And once for my 6th birthday. I ate the magic candy from the cylinder. Still don't know how that was done! The shows were not taped back then, imagine kids on LIVE television. I have a tape recording of the postcard show (reel to real that my grandmother recorded), but no "moving pictures". I wish I could relive some of those years

arbutus MSN said...

Answer to taping of early TV shows 1960's.   From:   Magic Tom's show Posted November 22nd. My sister and I were on the Magic Tom show sometime in the early1960s. I suspect it was 1961 or 1962. I remember we talked to him during the segment when he had kids on.... I would really like to get a copy of that show (I know it would take some digging to get the right time frame) give to my sister as a Christmas gift. Do you know if the show and its contents were ever catalogued? Thanks, Carol Ann Higgins
Guelph, Ontario Answer Carol Ann, I'm sorry to inform you that there are no copies of Magic Tom's shows from the early 60's. Videotape recording (Invented In 1957) was a new medium in the early 60's and as such, videotape (2 inch wide) at the time was very expensive, approximately $500.00 for 1 hour of tape. At that time, CFCF 12 had only 2 Ampex VR1000 Videotape recorders, which were about $350,000 in 1961 / 62 dollars. Those first generation videotapes were also very abrasive and repeated use would often damage the video heads on the recorder. A new head assembly was over $5,000.00. As such, videotape recording was limited to higher-return network programming, in order to defray costs. Even though, those early videotapes had a very limited shelf life and often "fell apart or flaked" after 3 or 4 years. Prior to videotape recording, some programs were also archived on film, by shooting a Specially-Synchronized TV Monitor with a Film Camera. This method was also quite expensive and not used for local programming. It's sad, but there are no recordings from many old local TV shows. I too would love to see Magic Tom, Johnny Jellybean, BA Musical showcase, Carte Blanche and many of those memorable shows of the time. Too bad, but they're only memories now. Dan Kowal,
Engineering Supervisor,
CTV (CFCF 12) Montreal