Monday, November 19, 2007

Cambridge, Ontario

I seem to recall some members stating that they lived in Cambridge. Karen and I went to Southfork last Sunday.
The city has done a fantastic job in preserving the historic downtown core, I believe it was previously known as Galt. It must have been a pretty wealthy town at one time.
It also appears that Hespeler has been incorporated into Cambridge. I used to always buy Hespeler hockey sticks at Mackesey's for about $1.29.
Gord Gibbons
Brampton, Ontario


the lad MSN said...

Gord   Did you visit the mall..Regulation NHL Rink in it.   Lad

margo MSN said...

HI GORD & CAROL,   How did the move go, smoth I hope. Are you planning any more luncheons soon? Margo