Tuesday, May 15, 2007

someone looking for the "Greg" guys?

I think I came across a post, which I can't find now, where someone was wondering about, or looking for one of the Greg boys (haha at "boys").

I was talking with my Mom, trying to remember their names. We believe they are Danny, David and Derek.

I can't remember which, Danny or David hung out with my brother, Garfield. The last we knew of him is that he was in BC.

Hope that helps.


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the lad MSN said...

Hi   Last time I saw David was when he had long blond hair and was playing football. Think it was Jr. for the Invictus...heard he had moved way up north.   Danny was working and was at home last time...and that was a long time ago. Never heard anymore..spoke to him on Verdun Ave. couple of times..he was working downtown somewhere.   Lad