Thursday, April 19, 2007

Strathcona Photos

If you go to the very first picture album on Page 6 you will see 13 photos from 2002.
As far as I can tell, the subjects are as follows:
1:  don't know
2:  Glen Pilon and Wayne Flynn
3:  don't know
4:  ? Boyle
5:  don't know
6:  don't know
7:  Terry Diamond, Terry Sheehy, John Mortimer
8:  Gary Butler, Glen Pilon, Ron Wagnall, Jim Bulger
9:  don't know
10:  best photo of the lot and I don't know. They must all be from VCHS
11:  don't know
12:  John Mortimer, Terry Adams, Glen Pilon
13:  (page 2)  Jim Bulger, Terry Diamond, Terry Quinn, Perry Hicks.
Glen, you must have been a regular gadabout that night.
Hopefully, someone can fill in a few of the blanks.
Gord Gibbons
Brampton, Ontario

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